Welcome to Koch Christmas Trees!

Click here to make a reservation.

We will be doing business the same as we did in 2022.  A reservation will be required to purchase a tree.  By using the reservation system to purchase trees in 2023, we learned that if we control the flow of customers, we were able to help make the experience more enjoyable for you as well as ensuring that you have a great selection of trees to pick from no matter what day you do come…early or late in the season. 

Our reservation signup system will be operable on or around mid October 2023.  One tree purchase per time slot.  If you or your family needs two trees, please reserve two slots. 

Your scheduled arrival time at the farm is for scheduling purposes only.  You can stay on the farm as long as you like.

You will be texted/emailed a reminder of your appointment time as the time draws closer and we would ask that you cancel your appointment if you are unable to come, thus allowing another customer the opportunity to purchase a tree. 

Reservations are for trees only – if you want to purchase a wreath, you do not need a reservation. Feel free to stop in anytime. Further general information is located under Services. 

Dogs are welcome if leashed. Please be respectful of our property and pick up after your pet, by bringing your own disposal bag and carrying it out with you. 

Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!

Carol and Roger Koch